Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc
2018 Presentation Series
Publication Schedule for the
Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc Newsletter

We publish quarterly newsletters with the latest information of our
research finding. Each issue will have articles of interest
demonstrating how the latest archaeological finds are supporting
the historical aspects of the Book of Mormon.  Each issue will also
include views on how the discoveries of the archaeological
evidences can be interpreted to enhance our understanding of
God's message through the scriptures, strengthen our faith, and
give us further reason for sharing our unique message with all who
are searching for a Savior who can make sense of our modern
human experience.  We also include a section for children that can
help make Book of Mormon archaeology speak to our youth.  Our
planned issue dates are:

March 15
June 15
September 15
December 15
The Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc is providing here a series of
16 presentations. These presentations are designed to provide a brief
overview of why the Maya are the Nephite culture of the Book of
Mormon, and the Olmec are the Jaredite culture. This series begins
with the identification of cities, specifically Zarahemla and the City of
Nephi. From there we are able to identify the cultures of the
Lamanite conversions. Then the identification of the City Bountiful
with its multiple testimonies of Christ. We then end with the Golden
Age testimony found at Teotihuacan.

Please feel free to utilize these for personal instruction or for
classroom materials. Each presentation title will be listed with a click
link for both YouTube video and for the handout material of the slide
presentation. If you need additional information, please contact us at
this email address:

Presentation 1: Why is Mesoamerica Where the Book of Mormon
Took Place?
YouTube Link
Handout Material