Teotihuacan Tunnel B Project
We have been presented with an extremely unique opportunity. The Hill
Cumorah Expedition Team (HCETI) has been invited through the Early
Sites Research Society (ESRS) to assist in excavation support at
Teotihuacán, Mexico. As members of this organization we invite you to
participate in this venture. As many of you know the excavation we are
invited to participate with is connected to the recently reported large room
full of golden balls.

Please understand that this is a project that most institutions pray to have
the opportunity to be involved with. However, the archaeologist has
chosen ESRS to be involved over all other institutions because of the
trusting relationship that has been developed through the years. This puts
us in a very unique position, and we feel that this unique window of
opportunity must be acted upon. This tunnel with the room of golden balls
(Tunnel B) has suffered a cave-in which has halted excavations. The
umbrella organization to Hill Cumorah Expedition Team known as Early
Sites Research Society (ESRS) has been requested to step in and help with
this project.

The successful completion of this project will require several steps
including the commissioning of an expert team to travel to the site and
evaluate the seriousness of the present cave-in, as well as evaluating the
danger of future cave-ins. Moreover, an estimate of what type of
supporting system must be created to avoid future such catastrophes and
the recommendations for installation of those systems is also requested.
Therefore the first step is to gather a team of experts and send them to the
site. This expert team has been located and their requirements are
$1,500.00 a day plus expenses.

It is estimated that the expert team will need three days to make the
evaluation and two days of travel to and from the site. This adds up to five
days at $1,500.00 for the expert resulting in a total of $7,500.00 as well as
the expert’s expenses. Airfare, room and board are estimated which adds
another $1,300.00. So, it is estimated that $9,800.00 is needed just for
the expert. The final expense during this first phase is the airfare and
accommodations for our group representative to travel with the expert.
This is another $1,300.00 for airfare and room and board. Thus, the total
result is a cost of $11,100.00.

If we can find 200 people willing to donate $60.00 each then a total of
$12,000.00 can be raised for this initial project, and that is what we are
asking of each person reading this petition. We realize that many may not
be in a position to make this size of donation, but any donation will be
accepted (all helps); we also request that each individual make it a goal to
share this petition with at least four other individuals.

All donations should be made to Early Sites Research Society (ESRS) or
Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc. (HCETI). All donations for this
project should be designated for the “Tunnel B Project”. All such
donations are tax deductable for either organization. Upon receipt of any
donation, those people will receive official reports of this project as they