2001 Church Trip
After having spent several
months studying the Book of
Mormon, members of the
Buckner Community of Christ
Church determined to venture
to Mexico to visit the sites where
Book of Mormon
archaeologists believe these
events took place.

Arrangements were made to
acquire a bus for the trip and
Neil Steede graciously agreed to
accompany the group as a guide.
The trip into Mexico was
eventful with a driving mishap
that landed Mike Brown in jail.  
Neil Steede, Tim Brown, a cab
driver by the name of Jesus, and
the prayers of the group all
worked to successfully release
Mike and the trip continued.

Several archaeological sites were
visited including  Palenque,
Cacaxtla, Cuicuilco, Comalcalco,
Cholula, and Teotihuacan
.  Neil
Steede provided the insight to
bring the
Book of Mormon
stories to life as he used
evidences to illustrate
relationships between Mayan
cities that correlate to specific
incidents recorded in the Book
of Mormon.

While traveling to the Yucatan
region from Mexico City, the
group decided to stop in Jalapa
de Diaz to catch a glimpse of the
mountain that Neil feels holds
the records of an ancient people.
Several of the men spent most of
a day venturing up the
mountain and eventually they
found the location where there
was once a cave opening.  They
searched the area and then
returned to the hotel exhausted
and empty handed.

From this trip, these few men
have shared their experience
with others of how they sense
God's calling to continue to
search.  This was the beginning
of a journey that has yet to find
an end.
The newly painted bus before it was damaged by the Mexican Taxi Driver.
Neil Steede explaining the meaning of the glyph at Teotihuacan.
Neil still trying to explain.
The group at a site in Mexico.
The crew ready to come home.