2002 Expedition
In the spring of 2002, a group
of men who had been meeting
for several months ventured
from Buckner, Missouri in the
United States to embark on the
first serious expedition to locate
and access a cave in Mexico
that is believed to contain the
records of an ancient people.

The group of ten men first
concentrated on making
positive identification of the
cave that had been found again
the previous summer by Neil
Steede and members of the
Buckner Congregation of the
Community of Christ church
who had traveled to Mexico to
visit ancient Mayan ruins.

The expedition group found the
cave and made an effort to
access the cave opening that is
on the face of a cliff about forty
feet above the jungle floor.  To
accomplish this they had to
make an axe, chop a tree, fell
the tree into the right location,
stabilize the tree, attach rungs
to the trunk of the tree, then
develop the nerve to climb this
contraption and beat on the
rock face of the cave in hope of
breaking through the limestone
that now covers the cave

All this effort was noble, but to
no avail.  The opening of the
cave would not give way.  Many
lessons were learned and
brought back to Missouri.  The
information gathered was used
to prepare for the next
expedition in 2003.
The crew gearing up at roadside before the acesnt to cave camp.
Getting inventive with the tools provided to create tools they didn't bring.
A ladder made from a tall tree growing next to the cave wall.
Making the climb to the cave located above the large outcropping.