2003 Expedition
In the spring of 2003 an
expanded team again traveled
to Mexico to further the search
for an avenue into the cave.  
The group prepared by
bringing many more tools than
they had previously hauled to
the hill.  They brought
collapsible ladders, rock
chisels, rock hammers, power
tools and hammer drills.

The cave entrance, that is now
closed, was observed as being
open in 1979 when Neil Steede
returned to Cerro Rabon to
continue his investigation of
the mountain as a possible
repository for the ancient
records referred to in both the
Book of Mormon and the Popol

Neil had witnessed how the
opening had a mist flowing
from it during the morning
hours as the face of the cliff
warmed from the heat of the
sun.  The cool moist air of the
mountain exiting the cave met
with the hot air on the cliff
face and formed a mist.  
Subsequently, condensation
that formed at the opening
provided an excellent
environment for moss to

Over the years the moss
leached the gypsum and other
minerals from the limestone
rock composition of the
mountain.  With each passing
year the opening got smaller
and smaller until it completely
covered over.  What is left is a
thick rock plug with the
density of concrete.

The group worked very hard to
quickly erect a metal ladder
that reached the base of the
closed cave entrance.  The
team members soon worked in
shifts to beat away at the face
of the cave, but to no avail.  
The rock plug was too thick
and too dense for hand held
Resting under the canopy to escape the midday heat.
A view of the cloud cover that often shrouds the mountain.
An upgraded metal ladder from the makeshift tree they crafted last year.
Climbing the ladder to access the covered cave.