2004 Expedition
In the spring of 2004 the Hill
Cumorah Expedition Team
again traveled to Mexico in
renewed hope of finding
entrance to a cave that holds
ancient records.  With no new
information concerning the
exact location of the records,
the team concentrated on
using yet another avenue to
break the plug of the cave

The team packed additional
supplies and instead of
attempting a cave approach
from the ground, they
determined to utilize the
talents of the team members
who were familiar with
repelling.  They repelled to the
cave entrance from a rock
ledge located over the cave
and with the use of power
tools, they attempted to make
their way through the thick
rock mass.

Again, several days of drilling,
beating, and chipping still
provided no access to the cave
and the logistical planning of
another year seemed to be
fruitless—but not totally.

Many within the group began
to recognize the signs on the
pathway this journey was
taking.  Many relationships
with local residents were
progressing from curiosity to
sincere interactions.  The
team was beginning to see
that this fascination with
archaeology was bringing
them face-to-face with the
real interest that God has in
all situations—His children.

Over a period of days, and
years for some team members,
they began to sense the Spirit
of God moving among them,
providing inspiration and
enlightenment.  On Tuesday
April 6, 2004 a few members
climbed up the mountain for
one last prayer service before
leaving.  Kevin Brown felt
inspired to dig directly below
where he had been seated in
prayer.  He found a stone
tablet with ancient writing.  A
very significant find that gives
further evidence that this is
the right place for the records
to be found.
Accessing the cave opening from above using repelling gear.
Learning a new way to fall gracefully.
Carol with the youth at the base of the hill.
Neil Steede with Moises and Mateo.
Kevin in the typical pose of looking for pottery and rocks.