2005 Expedition
In the spring of 2005 the Hill
Cumorah Expedition Team
again traveled to Mexico with
information concerning
the location of the records.  
Having exhausted all efforts
to open the cave by human
means, the team built on the
spiritual experience of the
final 2004 prayer service
when the tablet was
uncovered and spent most of
a year in spiritual
preparation as well as
logistical preparation for the
2005 trip.

The continuing theme
throughout the year was to
prepare ourselves in spirit as
well as body to receive the
inspiration we needed to find
the plates.  The team
continued to work on testing
items found, interpreting the
writing from the tablet found
in 2004, and witnessing of
God’s hand in the work we
are doing.

In early 2005 new
information surfaced
concerning the location of a
cave on the mountainside.  
This information came just
as the four witnesses
involved in the 2004 tablet
discovery had finished
writing a formal testimony as
to God’s inspired way of
unveiling the tablet.  
Deeming this as no
coincidence, it added weight
to the new found cave
information and from that
point forward the
preparation became more
expectant both in logistical
terms and spiritual terms.

Our plan for 2005 was to
spend the first day on the
mountain in a daylong fast.  
This was to be accomplished
by having several services on
the hill throughout the day.  
From the moment we held
our first service God took
charge of the events for the
week and revealed His will
through miraculous means.  
Please take the time to read
the several testimonies
provided so that you too can
witness how God reveals His
will in strange and
marvelous ways.
The team on the mountain for the communion service.
On the town square with the kids of Jalapa de Diaz.
The youth of the town are intrigued with Joseph's puppet.
Scott keeps the youth busy with the balloon animals.
The team giving simple blood sugar test to see if diabetes is a possible problem in the area.
Our new found friends on the police force at Jalapa de Diaz.
Neil talking with Catalina.