2006 Expedition
Climbing the hill to the stela.
In the spring of 2006 the Expedition
team again traveled to Mexico to
further the work that had begun in
previous years.  The effort was
focused in two areas of endeavor this
year.  First, to continue searching the
cliff face for possible cave openings,
and second, provide the people of
Jalapa with information as to why we
believe the hill is of such great

Neil Steede was able to successfully
provide that information through
presentations that he prepared and
shared on four different occasions.  
This included the Mayor, the
President of the Syndicate (Union),
the landowner and with the family of
our good friend Moises.  The
presentations included archaeological
reasons, artifact reasons and then
interpretations of the Covenant Codex
and San Bartolo Murals.  The last two
presentations provided the
opportunity to include the spiritual
aspects of our belief and encircle our
friends with the Spirit of Christ as we
shared with them the importance of
their role in this effort of bringing
forth greater understandings.

The exploration team spent three days
working on further exploration of the
mountainside.  In the attempt to
search out possible cave locations on
the cliff face above cave camp, the
team found those possible locations
and determined that they were not
cave openings, but rather undercut
rock face that cast a shadow at all
times.  Once those expeditions were
completed the base camp was
dismantled and brought off the hill.

Because of the information provided
from many of the locals, the
Expedition team had the opportunity
to visit five caves on the lower portion
of the valley.  It was here that many
pottery finds were examined and gave
us further understandings of the type
of people who once inhabited the

We visited the stela located on the
south shoulder of the mountain and
there we found our greatest
information this year.  Joey Fera
discovered that the mound upon
which the stela was mounted was
actually built up with a seven-foot tall
wall of harvested chinked limestone
block.  Further measurements were
made at the stela and it was
determined to probably be a
command post for military
operations.  Preliminary surveys of
the valley below support this theory.

We also visited with Catalina and her
family.  She was bright, smiling, and
graceful, and we delighted in seeing
how wonderfully God has blessed
her.  By invitation, we also had the
opportunity to minister to the family
of Moises.  By his humble demeanor,
he has truly worked his way into the
hearts of our group.

We have included the testimonies of
this year and invite you to search for
the more complete story by reading
The stela and the wall on the front of the mound.
Bats inside the large cave we explored.
A huge spider we found to greet us.
Base camp that served as our starting point for all daily expeditions.
Our goos friend Moises.
Joey and Catalina.