2007 Expedition
In the Spring of 2007 a group of
seven members traveled to Mexico to
visit the Cerro Rabon Valley and to
follow-up with the progress of our
friends in the Jalapa de Diaz region.  
This group traveled with a list of
items to accomplish as set out by Neil
Steede and other members of the Hill
Cumorah Expedition Team.

First on the agenda was to reconnect
with old friends and establish
permissions for access to Cerro
Rabon.  That accomplished, we spent
our first day climbing familiar
ground to base camp, cave camp,
and the ledges above cave camp in
one last effort to find a cave opening.  
There was none to be found.  We had
spent the day in a light mist, but by
late afternoon the rain was coming
down harder and we made our
descent slipping and sliding most of
the way.

Next on our agenda was a day spent
gathering more information on the
stela located on the southwest slope
of Cerro Rabon.  Once the
information was gathered we then
climbed the steep slopes above the
stela in search for a pathway to the
top of the mountain.  The jungle was
thick and footing treacherous with
steep angles and loose soil, so that
venture ended in a resolve to try
another approach as some future
venture.  But, Kevin was able to find
some pottery in the open field on our
way down the mountainside.

On many occasions we found
ourselves being asked to pray for the
sick through the laying on of hands.  
In every case the Spirit of the Lord
was present in power.  One instance
found our recipient openly weeping.  
She did not understand a word of the
prayer as she only spoke Mazateca,
but the expression of love and divine
presence moved upon her and she
felt the joy well up from inside.  How
do we know this?  The Spirit testified
to us.

Our group finally made its way to the
small hill in the center of the bowl
located to the south of Cerro Rabon
and across the Santa Domingo
River.  It was here that we felt the
that our trip was truly worthwhile.  
There were several indications for
this.  First, we climbed to the north
peak of this hill and found that the
peak itself was altered and perhaps
even man made.  Then we found a
series of walls on the north end of
the top of the mountain that
indicates it was a leveled terrace.  
And, Kevin again was able to find
just enough pottery to link the styles
with other pottery found just across
the river at the base of Cerro Rabon.

A sobering experience was felt by
many as we stood at the top of this
hill and realized, because of the view
it provides of the entire area, that
this was indeed the place where
Mormon viewed the results of the
battle and his heart wrote the lament
we have recorded in
3:18-23.  But, we know with certainty
that from this place of darkness will
come forth a beacon of light to call
the children of Israel back to the
arms of their Redeemer who longs to
fulfill the covenant he made with
their fathers.
On the trail to a cave with Cumorahcita in the distance.
A salamander in the cave.
The Mayor's wife receiving the gifts of clothing we sent.
The blessing on our food at the home of Moises.
The artificial mound on top of Cumorahcita
Our friends accompanying us from a visit with Catalina's family.
One of the walls found on the top of Cumorahcita.