2008 Expedition
In the Spring of 2008 a group of
eight members traveled to Mexico to
further the ongoing project of Book
of Mormon archaeology.  Neil Steede
met with important contacts in
Mexico City that provided
information for ruin sites that would
be visited later in the trip, while
other members of the team got an
in-depth tour of the "City of the

Once the group arrived at Tuxtepec
they arranged to drive to Jalapa de
Diaz to re-establish contacts with the
Mayor and other acquaintances.  
They delivered the clothing that has
been collected over the last year, got
introduced to the Mayor of Piedra
Ancha, and then split into two
groups to cover more ground in the
time allotted.

The first group of four traveled south
the LaVenta, Palenque, and
Yaxchilan.  There was a lot of
information that was clarified and
enhanced with this venture to
museums and parks-establishing a
more definitive picture of the
influence of the Palenque Stela Cult.  
The final result of this trek to the
ruins was a refinement of theories
concerning the influence of
Yaxchilan Temples and Towers.

The four who stayed behind in
Tuxtepec spent a couple of days on
Cumorahcita gathering information,
surveying new areas, detailing
measurements and creating a map of
the hilltop.  There is now definitive
evidence that this entire hilltop was
modified into a platform
configuration.  More walls were
found and a need for further
exploration of the lower part of the
hill is now needed.

While making arrangements to visit
a cave, Neil was approached by a
small elderly lady who, without
having previously met Neil, began to
exclaim, "Finally you have come.  
You come in the name of God, you
come in the name of Christ.  Now
things will change."  She repeated
herself and then proceeded to
pronounce a blessing on Neil.  It was
a very moving moment and many felt
it was a direct answer to prayer that
had been spoken just two nights

Again the group interacted with
Moises and his family, sharing many
good conversations and beautiful
prayers.  Moises shared in devotions
with the group one evening in
Tuxtepec and while there was a
language barrier, the Spirit of Christ
again transcended the barriers and
spoke in a language that the heart
comprehends.  How is it that spirits
can comprehend so much without a
word being understood?

The group left Jalapa de Diaz
knowing they will return again next
year, but before they left they shared
in a service of blessing on the home
and family of Moises.  It was a
moving experience where the Spirit
of God moved with the wind and
filled with home with a joy that was
undeniable-it seemed to be a taste of
Zionic living.
Teotihuacan Temple of the Sun
Teotihuacan Temple of the Butterflies
Symbols on the Temple of Quetzalcoatl
Delivering clothing to the people of Jalapa de Diaz
Alvaro, Neil, and the family of Juan Torrez
One of the thrones at Yaxchilan Temple 41
Paula making certain that Neil was clean
A thank-you meal with Alvaro and family
Beautiful Martha