2008 Research Expedition
In January of 2008 seven
members of the Hill Cumorah
Expedition Team traveled to the
Yucatan of Mexico to gather
information to assist in
confirming current theories
concerning specific locations of
Book of Mormon historical places.
The team consisted of Mike
Brown, Scott Norwood, Terry
Scott, Chris Scott, Don Beebe, Neil
Steede and David Brown.

Of particular interest was the
location of the land referred to as
the Land of Antionum. Present
theories place in the area referred
to as the Rio Bec and Puuk/Chino
culture on the border area
between the Yucatan of Mexico
and the Peten of Guatemala. The
team reached this location early in
the expedition only after some
arduous efforts to find this
location. Once there the team
went to work in measuring,
photographing and making notes
on architecture. This location
seems prime for the Land of
Antionum as the Book of Mormon
indicates this culture had no
writing and were people of social
influence who were long
established in the Mulekite ways
prior to the arrival of Mosiah and
the Nephite religion. All
indications are that the
architecture and facts concerning
the history of Rio Bec fits very well
with this culture, including a
place that fits the description of
the Holy Stand.

The team then moved on to
Calakmul to further gather
information to establish this as
the City of Judea, and then on to
Yaxchilan where they were
successful in again photographing
important items such as the
foundations for both King
Benjamin's Tower and Temple.
This confirmation has led to the
team to confirm Yaxchilan as the
likely location for the City of

LaVenta Park was also visited for
the purpose of photographing the
many stela and altars the speak of
Jaredite history (Olmec). The
slight overcast in the daytime sky
provided the perfect light to take
the several photos of Married
Ogam found on these artifacts.

The team then traveled to
Palenque to photograph the
thrones located in the lower
rooms on the south end of the
palace. Then on to Cross Complex
where information was noted
concerning the temple entrances
and stela that speak of the
spiritual armor required for the
spiritual war at the Temple of the
Sun; the three who followed a sky
event and visited a baby god at the
Temple of the Cross; and the three
who were provided life without
death at the Temple of the Foliated
Cross. These provide a good clue
that Palenque is the Book of
Mormon city called Bountiful.

The team then began traveling
back toward Cancun and traveled
through Compeche, Merida, and
Chichen Itza. All the way along
the road we found remarkable
clues to help further confirm,
define, and refine theories that
make this unmistakably the
historical geaographical backdrop
for the sacred record of our
ancient brothers and sisters who
walked with the risen Christ.
2008 Research Expedition Team
Laying on of Hands Statue in Cancun
Towers at Rio Bec
Taking measurements at Rio Bec
Pyaramid at Calakmul
Temples 41, 42 and 43 at Yaxchilan--King Benjamin's Tower Foundation on the upper left portion of this hilltop.
Neil peeking through the hole at Sacbe Neil
The Serpent Stela at LaVenta Park in Villahermosa
View of Palenque from the Temple of the Foliated Cross