2009 Expedition
In the Spring of 2009 a group of
eight members traveled to Mexico
to further the ongoing project of
Book of Mormon archaeology.  
After a successful venture of travel
with only minimal issues with a
thermostat from Mexico City to
Puebla, the crew made it to
Tuxtepec on March 28th.

The team then traveled to Jalapa de
Diaz to re-establish contacts with
Moises and his family. We shared
in a moving Sunday worship
service and then made our way into
town to reacquaint with Catalina's
family, the former mayor Alvero's
family and with others we have
come to know through the years,
including the man who stood up to
defend our incarcerated group
members in 2005; he came to visit
with us and requested a Spanish
Book of Mormon which we gladly

Later in the week we delivered the
clothing that has been collected
over the last year, and began
making arrangements for visits to
the different areas throughout the
valley for cave exploration, hiking
to known sites and arranging for
new areas to visit.

While traveling to Piedra Ancha
and Cumorahcita  our rented van
took a hit from the large rocks in
the road and we found ourselves
spewing oil onto the gravel. With
the loss of the use of that vehicle we
were forced to place everyone into
the Expedition and travel back to
Tuxtepec while arrangements were
made for repairs. This provided us
opportunity to work a different
angle for the trip while we focused
on the small town of Ayautla and
the prospect of reaching the Mixtec
outlook that we were told about
three years prior.

Our team did make the effort to
reach Cumorahcita again and while
there we were able to reaffirm
many of the measurements we had
taken in prior years, this time with
Neil at the top of the hill and
confirming his opinion of this being
an anciently built area atop the hill.

On our way down the hill we
stopped by to see Paula's family to
deliver the prayer shawl provided
by a supporting congregation, and
as we were leaving Piedra Ancha
we were waved down by the Mayor
Juan who requested that we come
and pray for his wife Lupe' who
had recently had surgery and was
experiencing pain in her recovery.
We did stop and provide an
anointing prayer for healing, and
again the Spirit was there is power.
After the prayer we were
approached by a young mother and
her daughter who, dressed in her
new clothes, wanted to personally
thank us for bringing the clothing;
this too was a moving moment as
we were able to see the smiles
resulting from the generosity that
God provided.

One positive archaeological find
occurred on an early visit to Moises'
home where the younger girls
provided bags of items they had
found around the home. This bag
contained obsidian, pottery, and
stone that gives very strong
evidence that Moises' home is
sitting atop a Nephite fortification.
(Report forthcoming)

On Saturday April 4th the team
attempted to visit Ayautla and
locate the road to the upper
elevation called the Mixtec Outlook,
but we were halted by the local
authorities who directed us as to
the procedure for making such a
visit. We concluded that we will
have to wait until our next visit
before we could accomplish this
task, but while in town we were
taken to the home of a local who
was excited to show us several
items of antiquity he had recovered
from a nearby cave. Neil identified
these items as Mixtec funerary
pottery and concluded that it must
have been a member of a royal
family because of the items found.
See report). This was a huge find
that helps to again establish that
this area has an ancient history
that parallels the Book of Mormon.

We concluded our trip with a visit
again to Teotihuacan to touch upon
the newest developments. We left
Mexico with yet further evidences
and with a hope for 2010 that
something positive might be
gleaned from the visit to the Mixtec
Donated clothing being delivered to the wife of former Mayor Alvaro
Neil's 2005 defender welcomes Neil back and receives a Book of Mormon that he requested.
A meeting with Esperanza
An unexpected turn creates close quarters as everyone is forced to go from two vehicles to one.
A bueatiful sunrise at Cumorah as captured by Jerry Stoner
A precious moment whit Neil kneeling before Paula
Mayor Juan and wife Lupe who received administration for healing
A precious thank you deom a little girl for clothing received
Discussion on the porch concerning artifacts that were found
Martha demonstrating her embroidery skills
Neil constantly teaching at Teotihuacan