2010 Expedition
In the Spring of 2010 a group of four
members traveled to Mexico to
further the ongoing project of Book
of Mormon archaeology, but the
approach this year was different as
this crew spent most of its time at
the archaeological site of
Teotihuacán.  Having made previous
arrangements with Teotihuacán
officials to catalogue and
photograph the stone tablets that
were found in the tunnel beneath
the Pyramid of the Sun, the team
was finally cleared to complete this
project that began with a
preliminary trip about eighteen
months earlier.

While at Teotihuacán the group had
the opportunity to photograph the
shadow effects that took place on
the western face of the Pyramid of
the Sun during the equinox, but the
crew was not aware of what they
would find in the process of that
filming.  In the course of the three
hours spent looking at the face of
this pyramid the crew discovered the
definite shadow of a cross on the
face of the pyramid.  This was a
remarkable find and set the tone for
the rest of the trip.

The team left Teotihuacán and
visited the Moises family in Jalapa
de Diaz.  They were met by two little
girls who were all giggles and
grabbed the hands of the team
members to escort them to the
house.  Aunt Martha is still doing
well, Isabel is making ends meet
through her sewing, and thanks to
Mama the roof of the house is
complete as she is the one who
nailed the tin in place.

The team left this lovely family and
was off to Ayoutla to spend a very
cold night in the home of Joel. The
team left early the next morning to
get a good start on the path to the
upper portions of this mountain on
the western end of the “bowl” they
call the Cumorah Valley.  Gary, Neil
and David all climbed while Don
stayed with the van.  The climb was
as beautiful as it was difficult.  The
team made it to the eastern upper
front of the mountain by 10:30 and
began searching different paths to
see where they went.  In the course
of the search Gary found a natural
spring that indicates a person could
stay in the upper elevations for
months at a time without being
detected.  This is important as it may
be good for arguments to support
Ether's claim of remaining hidden in
the recesses of the rocks for long
periods of time.  Gary also found a
stone axe head on the southern side
of the upper valley.  The team
continued to search until about 3:30
and then ventured back down the
mountain to meet up with Don at
about 5:30.

After a day of sleeping late, the crew
left the State of Oaxaca and drove
back to Teotihuacán to do the
photography on the stone tablets.  
The project was so well planned that
from set-up to completion and clean-
up it took less than three hours.  
This provided extra time for the
crew to research and gather further
information on the site of
Teotihuacán which came in handy
for the last day of the trip.

It was Friday morning that the crew
entered the site early to complete
some filming on the Pyramid of the
Sun.  Two stayed at the Pyramid of
the Sun while two ventured to the
Citadel of Quetzalcoatl to test a
budding theory of what these
structures might represent.  It was
here that the buds turned to full
blossom as many insights began to
flood upon the understanding and it
became very clear that the name
“Teotihuacán” is accurate.  Officials
say that Teotihuacán is Nuahtl for
“Birthplace of the Gods,” but we
now know it is more like “The Place
That Marks the Birth of Our God.”  
It appears that the structures here
are a testament to the planetary
alignments that marked the birth of
our Savior and the layout of the
structures of this site not only marks
that alignment, but they tell a gospel
story that is the Restored Gospel in
its fullness.

The last day of our trip was
remarkable and we spent the
evening in awe of all that we had
learned in such a short time.  We
know that the success of our
endeavors are due in part to your
continual prayer support and we
want to thank all of you who have
participated in praying for our
success, but more importantly for
God's work to move forward in these
latter days—it is truly a team effort.
The shadow cross of Teotihuacan
2010 Expedition Team
Juanita and Maria
Napkin business with Isabel
Clouds forming on Cumorah
Overlooking Cumorahcita
Gary in the natural spring
Stone tablets at Teotihuacan
The mountainside above Ayoutla
Cataloguing project
Temple of the Moon