Prayer of Blessing
Prayer Given by John Gorker
September 2003

We are meeting with this body of men, Lord, that You have set apart for your
own purposes.  We see in part, and we feel in part, but we know the touch of
Your Spirit, and we believe Your Spirit is in each heart here, and is uniting us to
Your common goal.

We have gradually turned toward what we believe from the Book of Mormon,
and from our own research the following:

We believe You have a purpose in the original plates being found and translated
before the world.

We believe You have set apart this group of men to assist You in this great and
marvelous work, for You have revealed the following:

The Jews will learn that Your name is Jesus, learn to love their God they denied,
and ask for His forgiveness.  Their own brass plates in Hebrew will assist in
bringing the Stick of Judah back to their God.

Joseph’s seed (Nephites) recorded in the Book of Mormon will receive their own
writings and in this knowledge will become again the Stick of Joseph.  They will
become one in Your hand, Lord, with the Stick of Judah.

Lord, bless this body of men.  Bless their minds to think clearly, with Your love
and purpose in each heart.  

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.