Prayer of Blessing
Special Evangelical Blessing
Given by Evangelist John G. Gorker
March 25, 2004
Buckner Community of Christ

Almighty Father, we praise Thy Holy name.  You created all things before the
world ever was.  In your mind and word, all things existed to become your
creation, through your Only Begotten who we know as Jesus.  Thank you for His
life with our people.  We marvel at your universe, far beyond our comprehension
or control.  The work of Jesus and his glory is bringing to pass life and
immortality to mankind today who are willing to believe.  We have covenanted
with Jesus in Your kingdom’s work, and from the records of past generations, as
their guide, our group feels in their heart the call to respond and search for the
sacred plates, hidden centuries ago by your servants of old.  We thank you for
Mormon’s abridgement which speaks of the day when the full history is to come
forth to mankind.  We believe more light and truth would be helpful for the work
of Your kingdom today, and we ask now, oh God, “Is this the day?”  We believe
that for this cause we match this hour.

Father we lack the wisdom to see tomorrow, however, we are aware that Your
Spirit is leading us ever toward this goal.  We need to see if our search centering
in the cave, will reveal Your Holy writings, with a gift for translation.  If this
occurs we will need Your Spirit to proceed in a manner designed of God.  And
Father, if our search finds an empty cave, then we need Your Spirit to direct our
search in the future.  We unite in faith, trusting that Your Holy Spirit will grant a
special blessing for all these men, not only on this occasion, but throughout
their lives.

I ask thee in the name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, for a special blessing of mind,
spirit, and physical health for thy servant Neil Steede.  He has walked your
paths—the extra mile and beyond.  His faith remains steady as he follows the
heavenly vision You have placed in his heart.  His love is with these men and
they love him.

I present these men of faith who are Thy servants, tried and sanctified and
willing to stand with the work unto which they are called.  They go because they
believe you wish for them to go.  They are gifted and prepared for this work at
hand.  For this cause they came to this hour.  Father, they do not seek the glory
of the world.  Let the glory be Thine, that Thy work and Thy glory be done on
earth as You are worshiped in heaven.  We love you Lord, and seek this special
blessing in Jesus’ worthy name.  Amen.