Prayer of Blessing
Special Evangelical Blessing
By Evangelist John G. Gorker
March 29, 2005
Buckner Community of Christ

Jesus—we are waiting and desiring Your approval.  We partake of Your body and
Your blood to remind each of us of who You are and whose we are.

Jesus—we have witnessed Your power as well as Your love in the works You
have called us to.  We have noted well the power of the adversary, for where we
have worked under Your Spirit, we are aware at times forces were at work trying
our resolve to serve You.

Lord—forgive our weakness and our eagerness to go and do even before Your
guidance is manifested.  You have led us throughout our lives to this moment,
with vision beyond our day, and Your Spirit is not a stranger to us.  We believe
that in Your ways that require our obedience, we have been tried and at times
have fallen short, but in still small ways your voice has continued and we have
been encouraged to follow what we believe to be Your will.

Lord, we have sought Your will as we have studied the angel message of Your
ancient America.  You gave us hope that this wonderful part of Your work will be
revealed as You have promised.  We believe you have gathered us together as a
believing body to stand whatever trial lies ahead before truth is revealed, for we
know You will never send without going before our face, providing a lamp to our

Lord, we pray that nothing divide us from Your divine purpose, and from each
other’s giftedness.  We don’t have full understanding of why we are here, we just
know we can not take this next step without the giftedness each person will
contribute, because You alone know what gifts each person carries spiritually,
for You have gifted them for Your divine purpose.

Lord, take them, use them, mold them, make them a spiritual strength to fulfill
the divine promise of your world in our day.  Your word, we believe given
centuries ago, is a promise to our people.  The book spoken of in prophecy has
been revealed today in part.  We’re here because we believe this history is in our
hands today because you brought it forth in part.  We sincerely believe that the
remaining documents, if revealed, will be studied and the truth of Your ministry
to these people in their day will be accepted by more honest spiritual families
than ever before.

Father, we look to Your promise with hope.  We do not desire to uncover this
spiritual treasure without Your will being done, in everything that transpires.
We stand as children seeking Your guidance, unaware at this time of the times
when negative criticism will be unleashed against us.  We, oh Lord, have
covenanted with you and know that powerful as they are, they can not prevail
against those who love You Lord, and choose this day to walk the pathway You
have set before them.

Father, protect these people in Your work, we pray that harm and danger may be
unforeseen and under Your love provided for.  We ask for Your divine blessing
for physical needs, and Your divine blessing to meet not only the needs of this
party, but for the spiritual needs of those in our world seeking fulfillment of
Your word.  Let these blessings come through He who we know as Jesus, for He
is Thine Only Begotten.  We pray, Father, in His name.  Amen.