Prayer of Blessing
Special Evangelical Blessing
By Evangelist John G. Gorker
March 19, 2006
Buckner Community of Christ

And now it is today, a day of violence, and hope, with Choice. The world awaits
the decision of peace or violence, knowing that violence is struggling to delay the
day of peace.

Your choice and your efforts are engaged in following the words of instruction
given by the voice of inspiration in the past. If you continue your efforts, others
will join your efforts and add their strength physically and spiritually to the day
of my power.

New truths will be discovered as spiritual knowledge of the past is uncovered.
Many mysteries will come to light. When sufficient spiritual knowledge of my
Saints of old comes to light, then the way will open for the scrolls to be revealed.
Do not tire of well doing, for many will be blessed during your efforts, if you are

Know now and understand that what lies in the future will have to bear witness
of my righteous saints, and their day, as well as your witness to the nations who
don’t know my name. This witness must be given by those who have believed
with their life’s blood as well as those who believe in me today, and are engaged
in my work.

Some who call me Lord have never known me, nor have they sought after, to
find my Spirit in their way of life.

You are commended for your lives and your desires to assist in the work of this
hour. I will need your gifts, and your dedication in the days ahead. Please be
assured that the path you have chosen will not be easy, and your participation
will become more challenging as demands you know not of will be required of
each of you.

You have been made aware of forces that can be used to halt your program in the
search for truth. Follow the counsel of the Spirit, and you will bring the spirit of
peace into your meetings. As you travel together, seek to become one heart and
one mind, and my work shall be blessed through your efforts.

Heaven and earth must move into peaceful ways. This involves not only spiritual
obedience, but temporal laws of tithes to build up my spiritual kingdom. These
laws also must be utilized before this world finds rest. Each level of my Zionic
preparation has been and will continue to unfold in the spiritual growth of my
Saints to the day they may abide my Father’s presence.

We seek this blessing in Jesus name.