Prayer of Blessing
Special Evangelical Blessing
By Evangelist John G. Gorker
March 19, 2009
Village Heights Community of Christ

Our Heavenly Father we turn to Thee now as our only source for direction and
strength. Father, will you help us to remain focused on the goal of assisting You
in the work You are in process of bringing forth in our dispensation of time?

We desire today to be a part of Your will for the work unto which You have called
us and which we desire to fulfill in our time here with You. We have tried to heed
Your spirit in our midst and have grown as we study and work together following
Your words of guidance.

We pray Father that you will be mindful of our group as they travel. These are
dangerous times in Mexico and we are hopeful each trip that knowledge will be
found and a good perspective of what You have and will bring to pass while we
venture into Mexico. We look for new knowledge and hope for the cause of Your

We ask that You bless our group with health and goodwill as they travel that no
illness or accident may hamper our purpose in service to You. We welcome,
Father, Your spirit of direction to lead us to see what we should see and learn
what we should learn while on this trip.

We seek these blessings in Jesus’ name. Amen.