Testimony of Carol Brown
I have been to the hill twice now. This year I had the confirmation that this hill
was indeed blessed. As to how and where the plates will be brought to light is still
a mystery to me. I don’t believe, at this present time, that the entrance we have
been working on is where we will gain entrance unless God chooses to open it for

I believe that God will point us in the right way. I do believe that He wants us to
actively seek His will and not just wait. But I am not sure if that means just going
down there and praying and expecting Him to guide us or if we are to wander the
hill looking for an opening or to stay here and continue to seek guidance from
our homes.

I am still praying that God will bless the world soon with the plates that could
enlighten his children, give hope to a weary world, and energize and mobilize our