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The desire to make ourselves available
for the coming forth of the records from
Hill Cumorah not only continues, but it
grows stronger.  We feel that God has
moved within our lives and calls us to
continually listen and answer when He
speaks.  Like the undeniable experience
of this past spring, as we have prepared
and moved out in faith, God has taken
our desire to serve and revealed His will.  
We desire to give further service by using
the same approach as we have in the
past--to make ourselves ready to receive
His direction.

We testify that these things could not
have happened without the prayerful
support of our brothers and sisters who
have held us up to Our Heavenly Father
for blessing after blessing.  We ask you to
please pray for us in our endeavors that
God's will is done in all things.

If you desire and feel that God is
pressing you to give beyond the prayers
we ask, then you can send your tax
deductible donation on our behalf to:

Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc.
311 N Lee Street
Buckner, MO  64016

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The Culprit-caught
red-handed on the Hill.  Is
that a fire-arm in his hand?
And what of these three shady guys standing
around trying to blend in with the crowd.  Are
they not accomplices in this whole ordeal?
I would not believe
anything this guy writes.
What's that on his
head?  Do they have
bikers in Mexico?
Fred says that he
would much
rather stand here
holding the
balloons than
repel down a
Elrey was hoping to sit at the
Captain's table and ended
up here instead.  He must
have drawn the short straw.