David Brown Message
David Brown Message
March 19, 2006
Given During Service of Blessing

I stand here to share with you because I had an experience yesterday that I feel I
must relate.  While I was doing regular chores around the house, in the back of
my mind I was contemplating upcoming events with this service and the trip we
are taking to Mexico.  While I was thinking about these things, in a moment my
mind was flooded with this overwhelming amount of knowledge and
understanding.  I was amazed at what I was discovering and I was attempting to
absorb and make sense of it all when the words “prophesy to my people” came
into my mind.  I was concerned that this was a manufactured thought of mine so
I pushed that thought out of my mind when it came again and again each time
with more force and I was so overwhelmed with God’s Spirit that I was in tears
and thanking God for the power of His Spirit.
I hesitate to tell you that this is prophesy, but I do the bidding of my God.  To the
best of understanding, here is what I experienced:
My brothers and sisters, we are involved in a work that is much more far-
reaching than we can understand right now.  The Temple has been built for a
place of learning and for years it seems that it has been empty and the hope of
what the Temple might become has gone unrealized.  I am here to tell you that
this is about to change and we are a part of it.  The information that is being
gathered and put on paper; the experiences that we are witnessing and
recording; much of the work in which we are involved will be developed into a
curriculum that will be used to teach in the Temple.  It will be a world history
lesson that is much more comprehensive than anything that will be found in any
other institution of learning.  It will include peoples of all lands and it will
provide understandings of their spiritual struggles and accomplishments.  It will
allow people of today to understand who they are, and more importantly as John
stated earlier today, whose they are.
And Neil, the promise that was given to you early in life about being called "the
father of Zion" will be fulfilled because you have dedicated your life to the
collection of information that connects times, peoples, places, languages, events,
and a host of other understandings that would not have been revealed if you had
chosen to quit at any time up to this point.  You have persevered and your efforts
will bear fruit in so many ways, for many will be brought to the gospel once the
understanding of their heritage has been enlarged, and many who have been
discouraged and disenchanted will be revitalized because of the hope that this
information brings.  The efforts of Zion building will be revitalized for many.  
In recent months you have felt the continual flow of additional knowledge in the
ability to interpret and understand the efforts of your ancient brothers to
communicate their most sacred understandings.  It is My Spirit and the prayers
of your brothers and sisters that have sustained your increase in ability.  They
have witnessed your dedication and honor your desire for success in these
endeavors.  Treasure your brothers and sisters.  They serve me and I have sent
them to you for your success in fulfilling this work.
Brothers and sisters we are at the brink of the first wave of the endowment that
has been promised.  The knowledge and power of God will be experienced as
never before.  The knowledge of God will soon sweep the earth as with a flood
and we are experiencing the beginning of this even now.
My friends, I feel that God has provided us with this understanding because
many of us will be presented with hard decisions and we will face difficult
moments where we will be called upon to sacrifice for the future.  So that we
understand how important this is to God and the fulfilling of His purposes, He is
allowing us to understand that we have not signed on with this group because we
wanted something to fill our time, or because we were following a romantic
notion of treasure hunting.  God has drawn us here.  He has placed us in the
midst of others with like desires, each with specific abilities that God can blend
and use to further the work.  It is a work far more reaching than any of us
understand at this moment and it is imperative that we are prepared to give and
sacrifice for our God.
I feel further impressed to say that He loves each of you so much and He is so
pleased with the efforts, dedication and sacrifices that have been made thus far.  
He knows the desires of your heart to serve and He is pleased that you have
come this far.  There is more yet to accomplish for this work to be complete.

May God bless you with His Spirit.