Testimony of Dorris Mangum
Two services really stand out for me.  The first was our Service of Blessing held
on March 29th at the Buckner Church - John Gorker, Steve Ferguson, and Paul
Lucero were there to help with the blessings.

We were each to think of what we wanted to ask for from the Lord. One by one
we went up to have our blessings. We partook of the bread and then told Steve
Ferguson what we were asking to receive. There were many different things from
each of the team. I ask for a stronger faith and the courage to share it. I had not
come up with but the faith part, on my way up front the Spirit overcame me and I
ask for the courage also I could only ask in a whisper because I was overcome by
the Spirit.

After we had received our blessing we were served the wine. Paul Lucero gave
me my blessing. The Spirit was felt strongly by everyone present that evening.
After each one received their blessing we sat down on the steps or the floor up
front and as the next one was prayed over, we all touched hands or in some way
we were connected.  It was a very powerful moving service.

The second was a Communion Service held on Sunday April 10th on Hill
Cumorah.  Tim, Forrest, Fred, Neil, Mike, Carol and I got ready and headed for
the hill. We were all to meet at the base camp for our worship and Communion
service. The ones at cave camp were to come down, except Jerry was to stay and
guard the camp. I think we made it out to the hill around 10:00AM. We started
up the Hill each going at our own pace. By the time I got to the hill where we had
our first Communion service I was dragging behind everyone else. Fred walked
with me to encourage me and to find a better trail. I finally made it to the
fencerow that we crossed to get into the climb into where the base camp was
located, and Joseph came down to meet me. I had to take many rest stops on the
way up those hills. I finally got to within sight and sound of where the service
was to be held and I told them I would wait there and for them to talk loud so I
could hear what was going on. Elrey came down and found a stick for me to hold
while he helped me up the last hill. I MADE IT!

It was really beautiful up there. We could see a long way with the mountains all
around us. The pictures could not really do justice to the magnificence of the

We had some songs and prayer.  Elrey read scriptures and then Communion was
served by Tim and Mike.  We then separated for prayer and meditation and then
we all came back for a time of prayer and testimony. Tim read an inspired
message to us from God though John Gorker. What a spiritual and uplifting