Testimony of Forrest Liggett
For the past several years I have gone to Mexico with the Hill Cumorah
Expedition Team in search of archaeological evidence of the last great battle
between the Nephites and Lamanites as well as an earlier conflict in the same
area involving two Jaredite groups.  Much information has been gathered over
the past five years and is journaled on this website.  

The area where Hill Cumorah is located is in Mazatec Indian country.  In some
ways it reminds me of dine tah (Navajo land).  The older folks only speak
Mazatec. The younger ones speak Mazatec and Spanish.  So we usually have
three way conversations when we are in the countryside.

Two years ago we had a difference of opinion with the local police force.  They
didn’t want us exploring the area even though we had permission from the
various land owners.  They detained us for several hours, not sure what to do
with us.  They couldn’t arrest us for praying on a sacred hill!  About then word
came that a girl had been bitten by a poisonous snake.  They asked if we could
help.  The girl had received anti-toxin from the doctor by was still in a lot of pain
and was very frightened.  We took her and her family to our hotel where our
medical kit was located.  We asked her parents if we could pray for her.  They
agreed.  So in front of her parents, and the police, we administered to Catalina
and she was instantly began to feel better and started her road to be completely
healed.  Praise God!  The doors began to open for us as we could go anywhere
without problems with the authorities and the police helped us by carrying our
gear.  What a change a prayer makes.

This year we were exploring a different area of the hill.  Roberto, the owner of
the top of the hill, showed us a man-made wall that appears to encircle the
higher part of the hill.  It was a very hot, humid day and I got a lot of sweat and
debris in my eyes as we hacked our way thru the jungle.  I wear contact lens and
I had to take one out as it was too painful with the sweat and dirt in my eye.  
When we descended the hill and got back to the car I took out the other contact
lens to wash out that eye.  I was sitting in the back seat and not needing to be a
back seat driver.

I noticed as we drove the fourteen miles down a gravel road back to town that the
world looked blurry through my left eye (as I would expect), but I could see well
with the right eye.  That was odd because I know I removed both contact lens.  
As we got close to town, Moises (our Mazatec guide and friend for five years who
has read and enjoyed the Book of Mormon in Spanish) asked if we could stop
and see his grandmother’s friend who had a hurt knee.  We got out of the car and
climbed the trail to their traditional native house with stick walls and thatched
roof.  We were able to diagnose that she probably had tore a meniscus and it was
caught in the knee joint preventing movement.  We administered to her with
many of her family and neighbors in attendance.  It was a very powerful
administration and everyone felt the strong presence of the Holy Spirit.

Then when we got to town, we visited Catalina’s family as her mother was
recovering from a stroke.  We tested her blood pressure and it was 230 over 110;
far too high.  She wasn’t taking her blood pressure medicine because it made her
dizzy.  Through the interpreters we stressed to her the importance of the
medicine to prevent another stroke and recommended a half-pill in the day and
a full one at night.  Then we prayed for her.

After that we went back to the hotel and I took a shower to remove all the jungle
that I had accumulated that day.  Then a strange thing occurred, when I got out
of the shower I noticed I couldn’t see as well out of either eye.  Then I came to
me that the Lord had granted me vision for a few hours so I could visit these two
ladies, so His Spirit could bless them.  Do we work for an awesome God or what?  
I’m happy and honored to be part of God’s team.