Message thru John Gorker
April 10, 2005
Message Given by John Gorker
Read at Communion Service on Hill Cumorah
April 10, 2005

I, Your Lord, walked this earth as your servant, always in the shadow of death.  I
know your desires to serve me this day.

My servant, Neil Steede, has searched these mountains with spiritual hopes, and
My Spirit has sustained him to this day.  I have heard his prayers, sustained his
fears, and have encouraged him to seek me.  His desires to discover has led him
to ask me for direction as he continues to search for knowledge of my ancient
people.  The conditions of spiritual acceptance must precede the revealment of
My word, written and sealed up by the lives of My people who lived, suffered,
and gave their lives for My sake, asking only that they die not in vain.
I sent also my disciples in Jerusalem into a world of sin with head bowed, and
they opened the gates of My kingdom to many people.

I called forth the Restoration in your dispensation to prepare the way before My
kingdom, as in days of old, some have paid the price with their lives.  Each in
their special way offered their spiritual gifts to My Father’s world yet to be.
You believe you wish to go for me.  Remember this is My work, and glory, as well
as My cross to bring forth My work of salvation, that all mankind may receive My
Father and live in His presence.

The plates you search for are cared for and protected.  They exist as evidence of
My ministry on earth.  Unless your work here carries My cross, then your work
is for naught.

You stand before me now, as did my disciples when I sent them forth into the
world.  I promised them the gift of My Father’s Spirit as I sent them forth.  They
shared their testimony to the world in My name.

Now it is today, this is your hour, knock with the Spirit’s guidance, and know
doors will open unto you, if you are one heart and one mind.

Remember my counsel to my disciple that they love each other as I have loved
them.  Success in your mission does not rest in searching, witnessing, or finding,
but in fulfilling My Father’s will, as His Spirit reveals it to you.

I do not promise you success.  Walk not faster than you can, nor disregard the
counsel of the Spirit on your mission.  The smallest failure can hinder your
success on your mission.

As I sent my disciples of old, so send I you.  Go in the Spirit of Peace.

So saith the Spirit.