John Gorker Message
Inspiration Given through John Gorker
July 24, 2003

Lord, we come now seeking a blessing confirming Your spiritual direction and
carrying Your concern for each person through Your special love by touching
them in ways that are known only by the gifts of Your Spirit.

In my soul I believe  that God has called you from your several ministries into a
work that causes some to wonder with hope and some with skepticism at your
efforts to understand and interpret the mysteries surrounding the original plates
of the Book of Mormon.  Many have sought these plates but have conceived in
their own minds the purposes, which I have yet to reveal for that era of time.

I, Jesus Christ, commend your faithfulness in pursuing this necessary cause.  Do
not pursue this project for personal gain or acclaim, for if you desire to serve for
any other reason than for My purposes in the development of My kingdom, your
efforts shall be in vain.  I am aware of your faithfulness and My love has touched
your lives, as well as your homes, where I dwell with each of you.

Work together in the calling before you.  You are a uniquely gifted group
gathered for a purpose that is yet to be revealed to the body of My church.  I have
yet more light and truth to reveal to each of you, in My own way and in My own
time.  This work will only be made known through faith and endurance.  As you
seek My counsel I will respond in My own time.