Testimony of Johnnie Brown
It was an afternoon in early July during our memorable 2001 bus trip to Mexico.  
I was turning over in my mind the exceptional experiences that had been ours
days before; the powerful testimonies opened to all of us of God’s presence and
protection and intercession on our behalf.

Thoughts, words, then sentences – I thought more and more strongly I needed
to share.  I walked up to the front of the bus and sat down.  Neil was standing on
the step which he often did, Mike was driving, CD was playing and I think Tim
was between the two of them.  Joseph was sitting on the left side about half way

I began to speak and after the first few moments, Mike turned the volume down
on the CD.  Usually when in a spiritual experience, I become emotional with
tears, etc., but in this particular instance, my voice was strong, clear, firm!  A
week after the experience, I could have repeated it, almost word for word.  Sadly,
I did not write it down.  Four years have passed but the heart of the message was

"You have no idea of the significance of your being together at this
time in this place.  This quest will be the means of such a deep
spiritual experience that it will give life to the very core of your
being.  Your mission will be blessed of the Lord.  So may it ever be,