Kevin Brown Message
Message brought in Tuxtepec, Mexico 4-6-04 through Kevin Brown

After finding the tablet and going through the jungle, some things were pressed
upon me to tell some of the group's members and then one message for the
group as a whole, as well as the world.

To Neil Steede: Don't think that the Lord Thy God doesn't hear you!  Have I not
always been with you? Open your eyes and see what's before you! Listen with a
humble spirit. Your prayers have been heard and answered!

To Tim Brown and Jerry Stoner: I have heard your prayers of forgiveness for
those who have taken your possessions and am pleased! It pleases Me that you
would trade your possessions for My records.

To Tim Brown, Jerry Stoner and Neil Steede: Because of your faith, you three
have witnessed the outpour of My everlasting blessings. Go forth and bare
witness that My servant did pull this tablet, which I had laid there, from
the ground with his own hands, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which
compelled him to dig under his very seat.

Then to the group and then the world:
It has started.

I was later to tell Neil: Because of your faithfulness, you have been entrusted
with this tablet and more.