Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc
Publication Schedule for the
Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc Newsletter

We have now published our first newsletter.  From the feedback we have
received it was a success and we have taken your suggestions for improvement
and incorporated them in our next issue.  

Each quarterly issue will have articles of interest demonstrating how the latest
archaeological finds are supporting the historical aspects of the Book of
Mormon.  Each issue will also include views on how the discoveries of the
archaeological evidences can be interpreted to enhance our understanding of
God's message through the scriptures, strengthen our faith, and give us further
reason for sharing our unique message with all who are searching for a Savior
who can make sense of our modern human experience.  We also include a
section for children that can help make Book of Mormon archaeology speak to
our youth.  Our planned issue dates are:

March 15
June 15
September 15
December 15
Annual Membership is now being offered for
Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc.
Our organization has set some lofty goals that you can read about in Article III
of the
Articles of Incorporation we have filed with the State of Missouri.  In an
effort to attain those goals we have set a minimum annual budget of $9,960.00
to assist in funding archaeological explorations, development of a newsletter,
and compilation of books and various smaller publications.  Our budget is used
to sponsor projects that provide more in-depth investigations by professional
individuals.  (This budget does not include the self-funded travel that the group
makes each year to the Hill Cumorah area in Mexico.  Each participating
traveler pays for his/her own travel, food and hotel expenses.)

Last fall our Board of Directors made the recommendation and the group
subsequently approved an annual membership fee to help fund the annual
budget.  The fees are as follows:

$100.00 membership fee per individual
$50.00 membership fee for Seniors and Students.

If you wish to support our efforts with a membership please make your
payments payable to:

Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc.

You can send your check or money order to:

Hill Cumorah Expedition Team, Inc
311 N Lee Street
Buckner, MO  64016

Or, you can use this PayPal link to send your membership donation by internet.
Report on Native American Conference; A Gathering of Eagles

In May of 2007 Neil Steede participated as a presenter at the Native American
Gathering of Eagles Conference held at College Park in Independence on May 17-
20.  Thursday evening was a group of presentations that was intended to set the
tone for the conference, but there were several in the audience who were not
impressed with the efforts of the presenters to minimize and “play down” the
truth and historicity of the Book of Mormon.  

Friday evening’s presentations were much different by contrast.  Paul Lucero
set the tone for the evening by expounding on basic aspects of the gospel that is
evident throughout the Book of Mormon.  The spirit he provided opened the
hearts of the attendees and prepared their minds to hear the factual
presentation that Neil gave as he followed Paul’s presentation.  

Neil presented information on six aspects of Book of Mormon history.  Those six
aspects were:

1.        The Ambassador Stone with a message in Ogam Script that translates as
    “National Freedom.”  This is the story of Captain Moroni.
2.        The King’s list of the Jaredite Kings found on the Colossal Heads at
3.        The modern-day ruin of Chinkultic being identified as the City of Nephi.
4.        The Mosiah/Maya matrix overlapping the Book of Mormon king list of
     Zarahemla with the Maya king list at Yaxchilan.
5.        The San Bartolo Murals.
6.        The Covenant Codex.  

Several PowerPoint frames were shown that illustrated stela after stela telling
Book of Mormon stories, and illustrating the physical feature of the pass located
behind the ruin at Chinkultic (City of Nephi) where Limhi and his people
escaped to travel to Zarahemla for freedom and safety.  This portion was
presented mid-way through the presentation and this is where audible gasps
and comments began to be heard from the attendees as they were obviously in
awe that there was historical information that parallels Book of Mormon
History with Mayan history.  

Neil moved to the San Bartolo Murals and the depiction of the story of creation,
of Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection; all of this recorded prior to His
manifestation in the flesh, making it a prophecy.  Neil ended the presentation
with the Covenant Codex and the story it tells of the need for humanity to follow
the religion of Quetzalcoatl and be able to successfully face judgment at the
altar of the twenty-four elders to be assigned to the glories of heaven.  It was
during the last two portions of the presentation that the Spirit rested on the
gathering and it radiated.  

I have no doubt that Neil was operating under the influence of the Holy Spirit as
he touched upon those aspects of history that made it come alive and allowed
the audience to understand that these are relics of a people who are our
brothers and sisters and lived out the very stories that are written in the Book of
Mormon.  Through these facts he made it very clear that one who believes that
the Book of Mormon is only a collection of good teachings set in allegory is in
fact one of little faith and understanding.  

All-in-all the presentation at the conference was a success for it was a forum
that allowed contrasts of viewpoints and the historical aspect was well
presented and received.  We were able to distribute about forty-five copies of the
Spring Edition of the Cumorah Messenger that was passed out with Neil’s
material prior to his presentation.