Our Pledge to Jesus
March 29, 2005
Our Pledge

We recognize the sacrifices of the lives lived to write and preserve the records in
the Hill Cumorah, and of the blood that was shed to protect them.  We therefor
view the receipt of the records as a sacred trust.  We believe that the Hill
Cumorah will not open to souls of weak countenance and selfish desires.  We
believe that only those who answer the call with zeal and remain humble,
steadfast, and faithful through virtuous living will be privileged to receive and
deliver the plates.  With this understanding, we pledge the following to our God
and our faithful brothers and sisters of the plates:

1. We mutually agree to continually remember our baptismal covenant with God
and Christ for we each have accepted the gift of salvation and received a
remission of sins through the baptism of water and the gift of protection,
guidance, and discernment through the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

2. We mutually agree to adjust our daily living to include a closer walk with our
Savior.  This includes daily prayer, daily scripture reading, fasting on a regular
basis as the need arises, and the living of a life filled with acts of love and devoid
of excess and deceit.

3. We mutually agree to practice the law of stewardship and the paying of tithes.

4. We mutually agree that each person in the group is entitled to the utmost
respect and we will always remember that our Lord has called each of us to this

5. We mutually agree to keep the confidences that our brothers and sisters place
in us.  Should we find fault in our brother or sister we promise that he or she will
be the first to hear it, and in the spirit of forgiveness shown by our Savior, we will
lovingly encourage corrective action.

6. We mutually agree and recognize that God has called each of us to different
stations in life.  He has endowed each of us with certain talents and gifts that are
given for the benefit of all.  We believe that He has drawn us to one another at
this point in time because of the talents we have developed.  We believe that we
are expected to share those talents to the benefit of the group and to the praise of
our Lord.

7. We mutually agree that God expects us to share with our fellow man the love
and patience He has shown to us.  Alma and the sons of Mosiah could not think
of letting their fellow creatures leave this earthly plane without hearing the
message of love that is in the gospel.  So, we agree that we will share all that we
can with the people He has placed in our lives.  This includes the sharing of the
news of the hill with all we can to prepare the way for Christ’s work to continue
when the plates are recovered.  This will be accomplished as directed by the
leading of the Holy Spirit.

8. We mutually agree that the task of bringing the plates of Nephi out of the Hill
Cumorah is of extreme importance to a world that languishes in sin and doubt.  
Therefor, we pledge to each other a dedication to Christ’s work and obedience to
His laws.  

9. We mutually agree that the love of God that is shared between us is so great
that should we be called upon to make the choice, we would give our very lives
for each other.  This we do knowing that our salvation is sure and that God will
accept us into His bosom.

10. To all of this and these, in the presence of Almighty God and before each
other, we do mutually promise and pledge this day, knowing full well that having
made this agreement, Satan will immediately put us to a test of our faith.  
Knowing such, we will continually pray for one another.  And, we have faith that
through the exercise of obedience and the fulfillment of this oath God will bless
us with an out-pouring of His guidance and knowledge.  To Him, and to the
bringing about of His kingdom on earth, we hereby pledge ourselves to God, to
Christ, and to each other till we meet on that heavenly plane where all will be
rewarded according to their service. Amen.