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The research done by the Hill Cumorah Expedition Team is a mixture of
methods that we use to validate one another and to help provide a broad
perspective across many fields of study. We use research done by
archaeologists, epigraphers, geologists, archeoatronomers, ethnologists,
and any number of other peripheral fields that provide insights into
solidifying the parallels between Mesoamerican cultures and the Book of

When we travel to Mesoamerican lands we use our personal funds to pay
for the travel. Often that runs from $1,200 to $1,500 per person. In
addition, we have found ourselves purshasing amazing publications that
are available only at the sites that we visit. They can be publications of
some of the early archaeologists who worked at these sites who provide
important reports on the pristine condition, or other times it may be
"coffee table" publications that provide incredible close-up photography of
artifacts that we cannot find anywhere else. These publications can be
costly and further tax those of us who have already sacrificed personal
vacations in order to be involved in this work. There have been years when
we have purchased another $500 to $700 worth of books.

In addition, we have come across some necessary publications that provide
important information such as two publications from David Kelly. Each
academic publication was $300; one on his extensive study of
archeoastronomy and the second on his encyclopedia on Mayan studies.
There continues to be more information being published each year and
while we have an incredible library developing, we also find that there are
at times heart-breaking decisions we have to make in not being able to
purchase all of the publications that hold important information for the
serious student.

We therefore offer you this opportunity to participate. If you would like to
help in the cause to further develop the collection of information that
assists in bringing to light the connections between the Mesoamerican
culture and the Book of Mormon, please feel free to make your donation
through the PayPal button provided below. The Hill Cumorah Expedition
Team, Inc is a 501 (C) (3) Not-for-Profit Missouri Corporation and you can
make your tax deductable contribution here.