On a mountain in Mexico there is a cave that is
believed to contain the ancient records of a people
who were destroyed by the hatred of their enemy
and by their own disobedience to God’s word.  The
battle that destroyed this people is described in
both the Popol Vuh and the
Book of Mormon.  
According to the Popol Vuh the followers of the
Jaguar annihilated the followers of the Quetzal in
a huge battle of epic proportions.  Both books
describe the battle ground in details that
geographically fit a valley in the northern area of
the state of Oaxaca in Mexico.

Believing the recovery of these ancient records to
be of extreme relevance to us today, the Hill
Cumorah Expedition Team has organized to
explore the area surrounding the base of the
mountain known today as Cerro Rabon.  In
ancient times the local peoples as descendents of
the Maya referred to it as Coxca (kosh-ka), and
today many
Book of Mormon believers refer to it
as Hill Cumorah.

We believe the discovery of these records will be
done in God’s time and in God’s way.  But, we also
understand that it is the duty of the faithful to
spread the news to as many as will hear, and to
place themselves in situations where they can be
utilized as instruments of God’s peace.  By
undertaking the task of searching the mountain
we feel we are doing just that.

On several occasions we have been the recipients
of inspired messages, inspired prayers, inspired
blessings, and divine revelation.  We do not claim
to have a corner on the market of inspiration, nor
do we have a political agenda—testifying to God’s
love in the world as manifested through the power
and grace of Jesus Christ is our only true agenda.  
We only desire to share with you the testimonies
and inspiration we have received in hope that the
love and light of Jesus Christ might continue to
find residence in the hearts of humanity.
2006 Expedition
Neil Steede
2001 Church Trip
Johnnie Brown
Tim Brown
2007 Expedition
Tim Brown
Forrest Liggett
2009 Expedition
Randall Lawrence