Testimony of Tim Brown
The past four years have been a learning and growing experience for me. When I
think about my first trip to Cumorah, I realize now how ill prepared I was.  I have
grown significantly since then and yet I still have so much more to learn.  
Sometimes it seems overwhelming.

This past spring (2004) our group returned to Cumorah. After a week, our work
was fruitless and we were disappointed.  April 6, 2004, Neil Steede, Jerry Stoner,
Kevin Brown, and I went to the hill in fasting and prayer, offering up petitions to
our Heavenly Father. Our purpose was to ask for divine direction and revelation
as to what would be our next step at Cumorah.

Neil prepared an altar, placing several papers that he had written as a sacrificial
offering upon it. Neil started the prayers and after he finished the rest of us each
offered our own. After we had meditated a while, we all participated in another
round of prayers. There was nothing.

At this point Fred Elliot, another member of our team, showed up with a couple
of local young men he had intercepted along the path. The men saw us earlier in
the day and were coming up to visit. Fred was coming up the hill looking for an
artifact that was dropped when he ran into the men and took them on a hike so
they wouldn’t interrupt us. After waiting a few minutes to meditate, Neil asked if
we were ready to go. Kevin, who was sitting by the cliff face, said, “No, I’m
supposed to dig here.”  He started finding small pieces of pottery, and then he
began to dig vigorously, almost like a dog.  He dug down a few inches and found
small stones in a circular configuration. He continued to dig. After digging
approximately five or six inches deep, he found a stone about 12 x 20 x 1½
inches laying flat in the earth. Kevin handed it to Neil who glanced at it and
tossed it back to Kevin.

Neil stated he was going to start heading back as it would take him longer than
the rest of us to return. Jerry and Fred started after Neil to help him, but Kevin
started inspecting the stone and realized there were markings on it. At first, we
thought the markings were an arrow pointing to the cave. Kevin said there was
script on it and I asked if it was Ogam. He said, “Yes, it’s Ogam.” We both realized
this was very significant and that our prayers were indeed answered!

I believe the Lord gave us this tablet as an indication that the treasure of
Cumorah would be forthcoming in the near future. In my opinion, we are to tell
our story to all who will hear so that the promise in III Nephi 12:3 might come to
pass. He will test the faith of His people before He will allow the greater things to
come forth.

I was there. I saw with my own eyes these things transpire. This is my testimony.
The Lord’s promises are sure and must all come to pass. May all the honor and
glory be to God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, and to the Holy Ghost,
who bears witness to mankind.