Testimony of Tim Brown
This year’s trip was different in many ways.  Of all our trips this was the smallest
group as there were only seven of us who were able to make the journey to
Mexico.  One of the huge challenges we had to face was the absence of Neil
Steede.  Neil has always helped us get across the border and navigate across
Mexico to Puebla where we meet up with the rest of the team.  He was the one
who made the contacts with the land owners and the local people.  He knows
how to “talk” to them and how to word things to make friends.  Fortunately,
several in the group have always gone with Neil when he has made his contacts
and last year Neil’s nephew Joey Fera was along to learn from the master.  He
learned well.  This year was an exercise in faith and a lesson for us to understand
we needed to lean more on God and less on Neil.  With all of that said, we missed
Neil but our faith in God grew tremendously.

Even though our team was small we made some significant discoveries.  We
discovered the stele area was built on a platform that fit classic Maya dimensions
with steps on either side going down to a lower platform.  We discovered pottery
on the hillside to the east of the stele.  We discovered a “command post” type
platform on a hill directly across from the stele site in the middle of the valley.  
We named this hill Cumorahcita, or “little Cumorah.”  We discovered Kevin
shouldn’t go into caves without a respirator.  Breathing bat dung is not good for
ones health.  We discovered there are strange animals that live inside river
caves.  But what was most enlightening, we discovered God would lead us and
plan our daily agenda if we gave Him the opportunity.

The ministry He had planned for us was so wonderful it is hard to describe.  We
were given the opportunity to administer to several people.  These families were
raised in the Catholic faith yet they recognized a spirit and a power and a love in
our group they had not experienced before.  During one administration in
particular I was impressed that this was the first time in their life they had felt
the presence of the Holy Spirit and it was there in power.  There was the
presence of angelic ministry.

The local families that we have become close to have now met each other and
each family has a Spanish Book of Mormon.  Everyone we’ve met, the police, the
Mayor and his family, the leaders of other villages, and the land owners, now
understand we’ve come to give and to listen not to look down on them and take.  
This is a trust that is not built overnight or on one trip.  It has taken several years
of fasting, prayer, money, personal sacrifice, and time off of work.  The Lord
continues to open doors for us.

There are many more testimonies that are already covered in the 2007 Report,
but here is a quick review of what continues to amaze me; the shepherd, the
eagles over Cumorahcita, the land owner of Cumorahcita, Moises and his family,
Catalina and her family, and Anna and her family.  This year’s team was small
but we became very close and each was given a special gift only they could offer
to make the trip complete.

It is truly amazing to look back and see how our Savior has led us and protected
us and blessed us.  It is for His honor and glory we continue to return year after
year and share the testimonies of His love.  I look forward with great anticipation
for the day when the Lord will finally share with the world the records that have
been protected for so long.