What is the
Book of Mormon?
The Book of Mormon is many things to many people.  To some, it is the main
purpose for the founding of a church in early 19th century America.  To the
Restoration movement and all of the many factions, the Book of Mormon is the
scripture that distinguishes it from other Christian faiths.  To some, the Book of
Mormon is the “fullness of the gospel,” the complete gospel that was lost from
the Bible through centuries of censure.  And to others, the Book of Mormon is a
collection of good stories that promote positive morals to reinforce the ideology
of a benevolent God.  To us, the Book of Mormon fills all of these definitions and
much more.

The Book of Mormon chronicles families that left Jerusalem at about 600 BC
just prior to the destruction of Jerusalem and King Solomon’s Temple by
Nebuchadnezzar and the army of Babylon.  These faithful families journeyed by
sea to a land of promise.  They established themselves on this new land.  They
built cities.  They divided and quarreled and caused wars.  They destroyed cities
and built anew upon old cities.  They had industry.  They had crops.  They had
herds.  They witnessed a risen Jesus Christ.  They prospered in their faith.  Then,
they trusted more in themselves than in God and great was the fall of this
people.  They were eventually destroyed by their own hubris.

We believe that if a story of this proportion is indeed true, then there must be
artifacts that support this.  Artifacts in the Middle East verify the existence of
Babylon, of Jericho, of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.  Just as the Bible
has archaeology to support that these did exist, so we hold to the claim that there
must be archaeological evidence to support the stories found in the Book of
Mormon.  From all that we can ascertain, the story of the Maya is the story of the
main factions in the Book of Mormon; from the chronology of Mayan kingships
to entire cities whose architecture and carved glyphs tell stories of a risen
bearded white God who spilled blood to free his people.  The rise of Mayan high
culture to its sudden demise overlays the high culture period in the Book of
Mormon and it indicates that we are onto something.  This is the passion of our
team.  We do not desire to create truth.  We simply feel a passionate dedication
to reveal truth and bring it to the attention of others.  Let the artifacts speak for
themselves.  Once the artifacts tell us their story, then, just as with the Bible, we
are free to choose whether or not to believe the stories contained in the Book of

We believe that the Book of Mormon belongs to no particular faith (and yet to all
faiths).  It is a gift from God, delivered by an angel to wake us from our slumber
and understand that we are living in the last days described by many prophets
and most notably by our Lord Jesus Christ.  No one is asking you to leave your
faith.  If you are steadfast and serving your Lord in your faith, then by all means,
stay there.  But, you may want to take the challenge that thousands have taken
to read the book and ask God if it is true.  If you find that it speaks to your heart
then incorporate it with your other scriptures and let it enrich your relationship
with both God and humanity.