From the first venture up the mountainside of Cerro Rabon in 2001, members of the Buckner Congregation of the Community of Christ church were hooked. They stood in the shadow of the mountain that holds the ancient records of the Book of Mormon. An array of archaeological evidence gives empirical support to this belief.

No longer was it a mythical concept that the plates are located in some hill in Mexico. These men had ventured to the mountain and seen the evidence of the geography, and more importantly, felt the impress of God’s Spirit whispering that this was indeed a place of great significance. Faith had now transformed into knowledge.

No longer could these men sit still. They felt a growing inner desire to place themselves in a position to be instruments of God’s peace. It was time to express their faith through action. They began to organize and plan for an expedition to
 find these records. The spring of 2002 was the first official expedition.

The lessons from each expedition are brought back and incorporated into the planning for the next. This has. been a growing experience for each participant. Please browse through the expeditions captured here in photos, testimonies and inspiration. Journey with us and see how God has quietly, patiently, and wonderfully revealed His will.

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