In the course of preparation for our trips to
Mexico, God has made us increasingly aware of
the need to call on Him for guidance and
direction.  While our efforts have always been
a matter of prayer, as time has passed there
have been many other avenues of inspiration
brought to us.  Each has been unique.  
Sometimes quietly presented and other times
in grand fashion.  Always it has been needed.

As part of our meetings every two weeks we
have shared in devotions.  Sometimes the
inspiration is brought quietly by the Spirit as it
has coordinated the thoughts of two or three
that provide the message for our devotion.  
Sometimes it comes in the power of prayer we
have shared together in Native American sweat
lodge.  Sometimes it comes through caring
members who act as spiritual pastors for our
small group.  Other times it comes in the form
of blessings and prayers offered in our behalf.

We have some of those messages, sermons,
blessings and prayers recorded and provide it
here for your consideration.  Please keep in
mind that each of these were given for a
specific time, a specific place, and a specific
group of people.  God is good about meeting the
needs of the moment.  We believe that by
chronicling the small things that over time a
grander theme can be found.  May He bring
inspiration to your life as you read through our
2002 Expedition
Prayer of Blessing
2009 Expedition
Prayer of Blessing