Over the years of traveling to the Hill
Cumorah we have developed and
accumulated information that is
best conveyed in the form of
reports.  Some of the reports are
formatted for presentations at
professional conferences, while
others are merely a way to gather
and disseminate information that
may be of interest to those who care
to delve into the area of
archaeology.  The only real thread
that holds all these together is that it
is information for the interested

For now the main theme of this page
is the Proclamation Tablet that was
found with divine help in 2004.  As
other items of interest are released
we will be adding those to this page
as well.
The Proclamation Tablet
Photograph of the Proclamation Tablet with the inscription in the reflection area.
Close-up of the Married Ogam etchings.
Close-up photograph of the largest portion of the Proclamation Tablet inscription.